Music: Spirit of God

Back in the mid to late 1990s, I worked for a brief stint at a recording studio in Redland, Bristol, which specialised in contemporary Christian music. The original plan was that I would move down there and be the studio’s sound engineer, but for various reasons it never quite worked out, although I did go there to study a few […]

Recipe: Sherry Gravy

Many of my recipe ideas come from the happy accident of two or more unrelated ingredients being in close proximity to each other and giving me an idea to try out. So this recipe idea comes from one day making gravy with one hand and drinking a glass of sherry with the other, and suddenly thinking, ‘what if?’

In Stock: Sir John Barbirolli

The Halle Orchestra is one of the great Manchester Institutions, with Sir John Barbirollo being its most famous conductor, conducting the orchestra from 1943 to 1970. Legend (unsubstantiated) in my family says that he offered my great-grandfather a place as a violinist in the orchestra, but that he was turned down.