Basic Bookkeeping now available

Basic Bookkeeping now available

As with many people during lockdown, I got involved in a couple of projects. The first of those was finally releasing an album of my music, and the second was writing a book.

Writing, and publishing (or self-publishing, which is mostly a semantic involving the provenance of an ISBN) has long been a goal. I have actually written a number of books in the past, all of which are ghost-written, and all of which involve and NDA which means that I can’t actually tell you about those.

I had been intending to write a book about bookkeeping for some time. Last year’s book, a revision guide for the AAT AQ2016 Bookkeeping Transactions unit, was more about dipping my toes in the water. I wanted to experience the writing process again as well as actually publishing something myself, or self-publishing through my own company.

It was always my desire to publish through my own company rather than attempt to get placed with a publisher elsewhere. Lots of reasons that I could go in to in relation to that, but it all boils down to a desire to keep control of the process and result, even if it means not perhaps having the push of a larger publisher to increase sales.

So, after a process that took far too long, my second book, and Introduction to Bookkeeping Study Guide, for the newer AAT Q2022 qualification specification, is the first ‘proper’ book I would say. One of the reasons it took far too long is to do with having to write it whilst working full-time, but to be honest the main reason was to do with devising the correct style and tone for the book.

As that job is done, writing further books will be much easier. There are four units in the AAT level 2 qualification, so that means I have three more to write, and that should only take 3-4 months to do overall, as I now have the time and space to write, even though I still work full-time. There is also the added challenge of devising digital resources to go with that. But to be honest, once the style, tone and the assets for the product are created, devising and constructing secondary items in relation to that isn’t so hard, or time confusing

So the company that I set up nearly two years ago, Quo Vadimus Media Ltd, has had a slow start (and a name change), but this is where things begin for the company, and the next few months could be very exciting.

Introduction to Bookkeeping Study Guide is available either as a paperback or Kindle.

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