Other Worlds Than These

For many years I have been a fan of the works of Stephen King, in particular his ‘world-building’ (a phrase the man himself detests).

In The Dark Tower series, in many ways his magnum opus, a character states ‘Go then, there are other worlds than these’.

Without wanting to spoil the context of that phrase, it has always stuck with me, and set me off on a musical journey of imagining different worlds.

Out of that exploration was born three piano pieces, collected together in the name of Other Worlds Than These.

It is too small a release on its own to be worth releasing on any of the main streaming platforms, although I hope to add it with other compositions at a later date.

However, I have made it available on my Bandcamp site, for the low price of £2.99.

This EP also includes a bonus track, a piano arrangement of Morgen! (by Richard Strauss).