I have been involved in copywriting and writing for various clients since 2005.

My writing has broadly covered the following areas:

  • Journalism (Greensource, Click Green, Metal News)
  • Copywriting (various, including medical, tourism, industrial)
  • PR & Press Releases (various)
  • Marketing & Promotions (various)



I have also started a series of my own books, as revision guides for the various units in the AAT Accounting Qualifications, starting with the level 2 units. The first is available in various formats:

Bookkeeping Transactions Revision Guide & Practice Questions (paperback) (Kindle)


Academic Publications

I also have a small body of publications on education from when I did my PGCE, which are as follows:

Lamb, G. (2016) ‘Raising learner participation in a virtual learning environment through an online forum’ in Through the Looking Glass, vol. 11 pp.95-102, Preston: UCLAN

Lamb, G. (20170 ‘Using pre-written feedback in online tests to boost subsequent retest performance in adult students’, Preston: UCLAN MEd Dissertation Graeme Lamb


Writing Portfolio

My portfolio of past work is available here:


I have also ghostwritten a number of books for personal clients, although with the nature of ghostwriting, NDAs (non-disclosure agreements) forbid me from naming either the clients or the books. Subject areas have included: personal growth, investment, music.

Recent work has included the following websites: (samples – not all available outside the EU)

Private Upgrades – Fullerton Hotel, Singapore.